Havasupai 2018 201808272310 27 Aug 18 23:10 PDT

Just a test post, since Google is forcing me to update to Go v1.11 and I don't really have anything else to write.

Titanfall 2 Trailers 201606261019 26 Jun 16 10:19 PDT

Old news at this point, but here is the Titanfall 2 singleplayer trailer we released a week or so ago:

And the multiplayer trailer:

We're on the last stretch now! This is my favorite part of a project. Before this point, everything was a mess as things were being figured out. Now all those seemingly broken parts are suddenly coming together. It's inspiring!

If you want to try out our multiplayer before release, sign up for our tech test!

Titanfall 2 Teaser 201605080123 08 May 16 01:23 PDT

This is a teaser for Titanfall 2. It is what I have been working on for the past two or so years. More will be revealed at E3!