This was done awhile ago. But it was something I quickly put together in a few hours to test out some basic vehicle steering behaviours and also learn the Python programming language game library, PyGame.

From this brief impression, I found PyGame fairly pleasant to use. The library has a straight-forward and simple interface. It is fairly thin, but is not merely a wrapper around the Simple DirectMedia Library (SDL). There are a number of additional utility functions provided that I would normally need to code by hand myself if I was using C/C++ with SDL.

Python is a great prototyping language though. It only took about an hour to get this up and running. The number of lines of code I needed to write to get a basic vehicle simulation and visualised on a screen was surprisingly small.

I still prefer Ruby as a programming language, but Python wins overall because it is so well-supported everywhere. You can find Python bindings for almost every C/C++ library out there.