I've been getting back into doing work on my Balloon Fight clone again. I decided to rename it to Battle Balloons, just to avoid infringing any potential naming legalities. I kind of started getting back into this as an experiment to see if I could avoid writing a game in C++. I battle it out with C++ all day at work, so I would prefer something a little nicer when writing my own hobby projects. :) Kind of worrying I am spending what little time I have on this too. More late hours. I wish sleep was optional.

Basically, it's written in a mix of C and Ruby. The C is used for accessing the SDL library, which is a portable gaming library that works on many operating systems including Windows, OS X, and Linux. The rest I intend to be all Ruby. I'll jump back into C as needed.

As for the game itself, I don't really have much to show at the moment. I have just been working on infrastructure so far. :/ If you're a curious coder, then you can take a peek at what I've done so far at: http://code.google.com/p/battleballoons/

Anyway, time for some Battlestar Galactica... and then sleep. :)